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Decoding Electric Two-wheelers

Electric Two-Wheelers Decoded: 12 Unique Terms and Terminologies Explained

Jul 19, 2023 | 3 minutes

Electric two-wheelers and scooters have revolutionized sustainable mobility, offering eco-friendly and efficient transportation options. As you explore the exciting world of electric vehicles, understanding the unique terms and terminologies associated with them becomes essential.

Terms Related To EV and E2W That You Must Know

Let’s decode 12 unique terms related to electric two-wheelers and scooters, empowering you to make informed decisions when browsing our range of electric scooters.

1. Watt-Hour (Wh)

Watt-hour is a unit of measurement for the energy capacity of an electric vehicle’s battery. It represents the amount of energy the battery can store and determines the scooter’s range and overall performance.

2. Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used in electric scooters due to their high energy density, lightweight nature, and long lifespan. These rechargeable batteries provide the necessary power to the electric motor.

3. Brushless DC Motor

A brushless DC motor is a type of electric motor used in electric scooters. It offers higher efficiency, improved performance, and reduced maintenance compared to traditional brushed motors. Brushless DC motors contribute to a smoother and quieter riding experience.

4. Torque

Torque refers to the twisting force generated by the electric motor. It determines the scooter’s ability to accelerate quickly and climb steep slopes. Higher torque results in better performance and faster acceleration.

5. IP Rating

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating indicates the level of protection an electric scooter has against dust and water. The rating is represented by two digits, with the first digit indicating dust protection and the second digit indicating water protection. A higher IP rating signifies better protection against environmental elements.

6. Battery Management System (BMS)

The Battery Management System is an essential component that monitors and manages the performance, health, and safety of the electric scooter’s battery. It ensures optimal charging, prevents overcharging and overheating, and extends the battery’s lifespan.

7. Range Anxiety

Range anxiety refers to the fear or concern of running out of battery power before reaching the intended destination. Advances in battery technology and improved range have significantly reduced range anxiety in electric scooters.

8. Fast Charging

Fast charging is a feature that allows electric scooters to recharge their batteries quickly. This feature enables riders to top up their scooter’s battery in a shorter amount of time, improving convenience and reducing downtime.

9. Electronic Regenerative Braking

Electronic regenerative braking is a feature that converts kinetic energy generated during braking into electrical energy. This energy is then stored in the battery for later use, improving the scooter’s overall efficiency and extending its range.

10. EBS (Electronic Braking System)

The Electronic Braking System is an advanced braking system used in electric scooters. It incorporates sensors and electronic controls to provide efficient and reliable braking performance, ensuring rider safety.

11. Throttle Response

Throttle response refers to the scooter’s immediate reaction to throttle input. A quick and responsive throttle ensures smooth acceleration and a more engaging riding experience.

12. Smart Connectivity

Smart connectivity features enable electric scooters to connect with smartphones and other devices. These features may include smartphone apps, GPS navigation, ride statistics, and remote vehicle monitoring, enhancing the overall user experience.


As you delve into the world of electric two-wheelers and scooters, understanding these 12 unique terms and terminologies will enhance your knowledge and confidence. Stay informed about watt-hour, lithium-ion batteries, brushless DC motors, torque, IP rating, BMS, range anxiety, fast charging, electronic regenerative braking, EBS, throttle response, and smart connectivity. Learn more about us to explore a range of electric scooters and discover how these terms translate into remarkable features and benefits for an electrifying and eco-friendly ride.