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How to Track Common Battery Issues and Handle Them

Dec 15, 2023 | 2 minutes

Hey there, e-Sprinto riders! Your electric two-wheeler is your ticket to smooth rides and eco-friendly adventures. But every journey comes with its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to the heart of your e-Sprinto – the battery. Let’s dive into the common problems faced by electric two-wheeler batteries and discover some easy hacks to keep your e-Sprinto charged and ready for action.

Common Problems in Electric Two-Wheeler Batteries

It is common to face issues related to electric two-wheeler batteries. Some of them are serious, while most of them are manageable.

1. Charging Spot Hunt

Finding charging stations can be like a game of hide-and-seek. Stay ahead by locating charging spots on your route. Keep an eye out for new charging points popping up in your area, making your ride more convenient.

2. Battery Degradation Woes

Just like your phone, electric two-wheeler battery ages. To slow down this process, avoid frequent rapid charges and stick to a regular charging routine. Also, park your e-Sprinto in a cool spot, as batteries don’t like extreme temperatures.

3. Range Nervousness

Ever worried about running out of juice mid-ride? It’s called range nervousness. Combat this by planning your routes, considering charging points, and getting to know your e-Sprinto’s range. Knowing your ride helps you enjoy the journey without constantly checking the battery meter.

Pro Tips for Keeping Your e-Sprinto Battery Happy

Here are some techniques to make the most of your electric two-wheeler battery.

1. Charge Smart

Make friends with partial charges! Don’t wait for a total drain; charge your e-Sprinto when it’s between 20-80%. It’s like giving your battery a snack instead of a feast.

2. Weather Watch

Extreme temperatures aren’t battery-friendly. In hot weather, find a shady spot for your e-Sprinto, and in the cold, ensure a full charge before riding. A happy battery is a well-tempered battery.

3. Regular TLC

Give your e-Sprinto a check-up. Look over the battery and connections regularly. If something seems off, consult your manual or reach out to customer support. Prevention is key!

4. Gentle Riding

Smooth rides aren’t just for your comfort; they’re good for the battery too! Avoid sudden speed bursts or stops. A little TLC while riding goes a long way in preserving your e-Sprinto’s battery life.

To Sum Up

Your electric two-wheeler is more than just a ride; it’s a companion on your green journey. By understanding common battery challenges and adopting simple care tips, you’re ensuring a long and happy life for your e-Sprinto. So, charge up, gear up, and let your e-Sprinto lead the way to a greener, smoother ride!