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E-sprinto Amery Gathers Bookings within Weeks

e-Sprinto Amery Gathers 1000 Bookings Within 2 Weeks

Aug 11, 2023 | 2 minutes

This report covers the recent news on the overwhelming response received by e-Sprinto’s Amery Scooter, which has garnered an impressive 1000 bookings within just two weeks of its launch. Autocar Professional, a renowned source for automotive industry updates and insights, covered the news.

e-Sprinto Amery Crosses 1000 Bookings

Amery is an electric scooter manufactured and offered by e-Sprinto, a leading and fast-growing electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer. The scooter is designed to cater to urban commuters, offering an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to conventional gasoline-powered scooters. Equipped with cutting-edge EV technology and promising features, Amery scooter has rapidly gained popularity among customers.

Founder of e-Sprinto Confirms the Growing Demand of Amery

The report mentions the founder of e-Sprinto as Mr. Atul Gupta and his optimistic wish for the brand. As the driving force behind the company, Mr. Gupta has played a significant role in shaping e-Sprinto’s vision and success in the EV market. Under his leadership, the company has strived to create innovative and sustainable mobility solutions.

Unprecedented Response across the Country

The news highlights the exceptional response received by the e-Sprinto Amery scooter, with a remarkable 1000 bookings made within just two weeks of its official launch. Such a rapid uptake of bookings signifies the strong demand and customer interest in electric scooters that prioritize both performance and eco-friendliness. Among the highest booking cities, Bengaluru and Hyderabad topped the list/

Factors Driving the Success

Several factors contribute to the impressive success of the e-Sprinto Amery scooter:

  • Eco-friendly Appeal

    With growing environmental consciousness, consumers are increasingly opting for green mobility solutions, making the e-Sprinto Amery an attractive choice.

  • Technology and Features

    Amery scooter boasts advanced EV technology and offers a range of modern features, enhancing its appeal to tech-savvy consumers.

  • Urban Mobility

    Designed for urban commuting, the scooter caters to the needs of city dwellers who seek a convenient and sustainable mode of transportation.

  • Brand Trust

    e-Sprinto’s commitment to quality and reliability has earned the trust of customers, leading to a positive reputation in the EV market.


The remarkable feat of securing 1000 bookings within just two weeks of launch demonstrates Amery’s popularity and the growing market for electric vehicles. As the world shifts towards sustainable transportation, e-Sprinto’s success is a testament to the increasing demand for eco-friendly mobility solutions. With Mr. Atul Gupta at the helm, e-Sprinto is well-positioned to continue its growth and innovation in the EV sector.